Mayra Iniguez, Clinical Director

Over the years I have experienced and overcome many personal challenges, which has fueled my desire to inspire others to do the same. Although my professional title is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, many who know me may also consider me to be similar to a Life Coach or Mentor.

I am eager to help any and all who have a desire to change, progress, evolve and willingness to overcome the barriers that prevent them from living their best life. As a therapist, my style leans towards encouraging clients to reflect within and learn to accept themselves exactly as they are, which allows them to let go of past mistakes while alleviating feelings of shame and guilt. When clients are open to challenging unsupportive beliefs, they allow themselves an opportunity to break free from the chains of the harmful or negative past behaviors and thought processes.

I specialize in trauma, relationship issues, substance abuse, sex and gambling addiction. My experience and training allows me to implement talk, hypnotherapy, and EMDR in order to provide swift and transformative healing. I truly believe in being able to heal someone at a level that is deeper than the surface, which can be life changing and transformative!

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